Add support for JFIF image files?

I have been getting new album arts but a lot of them seems to be in .JFIF which is currently not supported by mp3tag. It would be nice to support this image file format.

Many thanks

My installed MP3Tag allows to embed files with the suffixes JPG, JPEG, JFIF and PNG .

Which version are you using? It should be working since Mp3tag v3.01.

I am using the latest version I downloaded yesterday (3.0.2). I tried to add a JFIF album art to an ALAC music file and it would not let me drag the album art onto it. I tried with a JPEG image and that works but not JFIF.

It should be possible to use JFIF files...
(MP3tag 3.02)

I was able to right click on the album art, select "Add cover" and embed my JFIF image file. However I can't seem to drag and drop it on album art like I can with other image files.

Drag'n'drop of JFIF image files should work now with Mp3tag v3.02a. Thanks for pointing!