Mp3tag v3.03 released

Mp3tag v3.03 released

Happy October :fallen_leaf: I hope you're enjoying life and are not too affected from what they call the "new normal" now.

I've spent plenty of time working on Mp3tag. This new release is all about improvements regarding action groups. If you’re now: „Huh, what the heck are action groups? :thinking:“ please don’t worry: It’s Mp3tag’s way of combining various actions, e.g., replacing text, case conversion, removing unwanted tag fields, renaming files, and so on in reusable workflows that can be applied with a single click on all selected files.

Improvements for Action Groups

This version adds various improvements for the action groups dialog. You can now select, enable, and move multiple action groups at once and have quick means for working with action groups via various newly added keyboard shortcuts. Furthermore, I've added a new indicator that shows how many action groups are currently enabled and added support for sorting of action groups.

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As always, thank you for reading, your interest and your support.

Enjoy and take care
— Florian

Additional Features and Fixes

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New Features

  • added support for moving action groups via drag'n'drop in action groups dialog.
  • added support for moving multiple selected action groups in action groups dialog.
  • added support for selecting multiple action groups and changing their enabled state by clicking the checkmark of one item in the group.
  • added action groups dialog keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A to select all action groups.
  • added action groups dialog keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S to save current state.
  • added action groups dialog keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+A to invert current selection of action groups.
  • added action groups dialog keyboard shortcuts Alt+Up, Alt+Down, Alt+Page Up, and Alt+Page Down for moving action groups in the list.
  • added action groups dialog keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+E to enable all action groups and Ctrl+U to disable all action groups. (#49589)
  • added confirmation message to save configuration changes when closing action groups dialog. (#17000)
  • added indicator on how many action groups are selected to action groups dialog. (#49589)
  • added option to sort list of action groups from right-click menu at action groups dialog. (#50202)
  • added state-changed indicator to action groups dialog window caption.


  • deleting files now always uses the setting at 'Options > Messages' for confirmation messages and if disabled the global system setting. (#50161)
  • option to move action groups to top/bottom when Alt key is pressed. (#49589)
  • removed warning message that appears when saving configuration of action groups without any enabled action groups.
  • renamed OK button to Apply at action groups dialog.
  • right-click menu at action groups dialog is now also shown if no action group is selected.

Bug Fixes

  • added missing support for *.jfif image file extension when dropping cover art. (#49655)
  • added missing support for cover art for raw AAC files. (#49784)
  • moving action groups via Alt keys or buttons did not keep moved action group visible.
  • moving to beginning of lists during drag'n'drop did not trigger item scrolling if possible.
  • trailing pipe symbol | was removed from ID3v2 UNSYNCEDLYRICS field when saving tags. (#50163)