Add the KEY and BPM for a song

I would like to use MP3tag to add the BPM and the KEY of a song to the MP3.
Is there a way to extract this information from an online database?
And if "Yes", which is the best database that works with MP3tag?

AFAIK there is no online database for BPM or KEY values.

You can calculate BPM with third party tools for your songs, like the well known FooBar2000 for example.

Also the KEY can be calculated, but I can't suggest you any tool for that.
Maybe other users can help you?

For Key there was once this thread:

for BPM I would have suggested the same as @LyricsLover

Just for some more background information about a KEY for a song:

However, I do not recommend uploading your own songs there :wink: .

Thank You!
For single key calculation I have various tools that can do it. I thought of an online database so that I could update the songs I select in a sort of "batch-mode".
I had a look at MusicBrainz Picard, too. And there is an addon which should get BPM and KEY as tags.
But I like MP3tag more than "Picard" and I didn't find a way to get things working there.

This would work only album by album anyway.
So if you have a tool that looks at the audio part - use that.

Then you would have to preferably open another thread in which you describe in detail what you have tried so far.

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Just for others finding this topic:
The AcousticBrainz project - providing the data behind the mentioned BPM and KEY plugins - ended in early 2022:

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