Added comma in artist filed from discogs


I've been using mp3tag for many years, mostly to tag and update existing mp3 files. Recently I've been copying vinyl to mp3.

I add the vinyl album to my discogs catalog; I record the vinyl to .wav, convert wav to mp3; tag the files using mp3tag retrieved from the exact album from the discogs catalog; and the final stage is to rename the file to tags using the convert menu in mp3tag.

The problem seems to be that on discogs, in this example, the artist name ends in "Jr." When the tags are retrieved from discogs and populated into the artist name field, an additional space/comma/space is added. I don't know if this is additional data being returned by discogs, or a parsing error within mp3tag.

Attached are images that show the problem.

[F] Discogs fetch for artist adds comma to name field

This only seems to happen if there is a comma in front of Jr.
ie. "Sammy Davis Jr." is left just as it is.


Just so we are clear, it is NOT just this use case.

Here is another example I've ripped from vinyl tonight. The artist is simply George Benson.


Also, it is inconsistent. I just ripped Grover Washington Jr Reed Seed album from vinyl to MP3, when tagging with discogs as the source, no extra spaces or comma's were returned to mp3tag.

Maybe it's the discogs API??


Hi, I've noticed same problem and solved it this way (talking about default discogs source script). I'm not an expert but checked API output and found comma just right after join in "artists" tag:

{"join": ",", "name": "Michael Mantra", ...

and this is what I did:

find lines 185-189

	ifnot ""
		say " "
		say " "

change to

	if ","
		say ""
		if ""
			say ""
			say " "
			say " "

same with the lines bit below just right after: json_select "join" I believe I didn't test all naming options in discogs but those I'm using seems to be fixed.


Thanks a LOT!! Had the same problem, a little annoying indeed. Your fix was great! Hope it makes it to the next version. As of 2.81 the bug still persists.


The current Development Build Mp3tag v2.82b now comes with an official Discogs web source that fixes this issue.

I've used a different approach than discussed above: ignoring the join separator would concatenate all artists in multi-artist releases.

Kind regards
– Florian