Adding a column and filling it with data

I have added a new DateAdded column via Columns Customize. Then I tried to fill this new column with data by using Convert -> Tag - Tag -> Field: DATEADDED and Format String: %_datetime%. Without success. What did I do wrong?

Then please show us a dump of the column definition.
It should look like this:
Name: Date added
Value: %dateadded%
Field: %dateadded%

Thanks for the prompt reply, How can I achieve a dump of the column definition ?

OK, "dump" was perhaps a little too abbreviated. I meant a "screendump".
See here:

But you could also compare your definition with my suggestion and then either tell us where the differences are, or, if the suggestion or your modification then works tell us that it is OK now.

That was the action.
And now the defintion for the column that you set with


You see that you have defined the column in a way that is different from my suggestion.
Please adapt your definition so that it matches mine and then see whether the already treated files show the right data.

I changed Field to %dateadded%

Then I apply

Honestly, you have to do it the way I showed:
2 x %dateadded%
and with the % as marker for the field name.

the first Image was wrong. Here is the newest one

As %_datetime% is a property that you cannot write but read only, it does not make sense to add it as field.
If you want to see the results of your action, you could also check the extended tags dialogue Alt-T and see what has been written to DATEADDED.
If you want to get that as user-defined field which can be read and written, please use the definition that I already mentioned twice.

got it. Thanks a lot

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