Adding album art corrupts music file in 10a

USing a windows 11 computer - upgraded to 10a which always worked before now anytime adding in a picture corrupts the music file and then becomes unplayable. I can remove the album art and the music can be played again. Tried other picture formats to import but doesn't make a difference. Anyway to correct this error? Other than this small error - I love your product and can't wait to see any new features come out with windows 11!

What's the source of the files (I'm guessing a random website that converts from Youtube) and have you checked the original files for errors (preferably with MP3 Diags).

This seems to be turning into a bigger issue of late. There are similar threads popping up elsewhere now about these YT rippers, and corruption that has nothing to do with tagging with valid files and formats.

Yes both right - found a website to download music from yt - 90% of the time it works fine. Found out the .mp3 file itself was currupted so I fixed my files first in Nero wave editor. Using pro mode under "save as" I was able to save each currupted file and it rewrote the header file for me. Then I was able to tag the songs and upload album art with no problem. We can close this thread if you want.

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