Adding ISRC extended Tag &Column

I have added an ISRC code using "Extended Tag". How do I get the Colums on the left to display the ISRC ? I have tried"VIEW COLUMNS & NEW but don't know what is required in " NAME, VALUE,FILED, SORT" boxes. I need to be sure the ISRC is in the correct place so that it will be read when I submit my MP3 files. I don't find this info in the help.

There is a description for columns in the help:
And also one how to adapt the tag-panel:

Furthermore you find help about field names:

For the column definition:
Value: describes how you would like to see the content - it is possible to enter a format string which gives you an awful lot of possibilities. In your case, I would simply put
Value: %isrc%
Field determines where the data that you input should be stored - in which field. In your case it is also
Field: %isrc%

Sorting: if you want to treat the input as number, tick numeric ...