Adding numbers (01, 02...) to track names

Ive seen some posts trying to answer this question, and I guess I'm dense, but I'm not getting the answers. The answers have symbols like && and what not, but they don't answer my question. If I give an actual example, can someone tell me how I would add track numbers to that particular album folder? So let's say I want to do this for the album 'Abbey Road'. The first three tracks are: Come Together, Something, Maxwell's Silver Hammer... There are 17 tracks in the Abbey Road folder. The tracks are numbered externally, but not in the MP3Tag properties, so when I play them on my app, there are no numbers. Can someone give me the step by step for this particualar album? Then I can do it for all of my other albums. Thanks!

You can use the "Auto Track- and Disc-Numbering"-Wizard:

Select the files in your folder, press CTRL + kand choose the settings (like "Leading zeros for tracknumbers") then press the OK-Button.


I've tried doing that, but the only thing that does is number the track under 'Track' in the MP3Tag properties. I'm talking about adding 01, for example, before the title of that particular track name under 'Title'.

Use the converter Tag->Tag:
Field: TITLE
Format String: %track% - %title%

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What about this thread, found with the search words "add track title":

Thanks so much, that did it!

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