Adding standard values to Tag fields in the panel

Having used MP3tag for several years on my previous computer, I've now had to re-install from scratch to this new computer.

I had the [Comment] field prefilled with a set value, and haven't been able to figure out how to have this as a set field rather than as a drop down option (with Blank and Keep as the other options) from the [Comment] box.

I also had an additional field [Sub-Title] with a set title.

With the above two options added, those tags would appear on any new mp3s imported into the program, with the option to Save them or to edit them.

Maybe I'm tired from building this new computer in a hurry after a disastrous crash, or maybe it's just old age - but I just can't figure out how to save any changes that I make by right-cliocking on theTag Panel or by using Alt+T.

kind regards, BJ

Perhaps you are used to a previous implementation.
See these release notes that the options for tag panel fields have changed:

I think that the previous behaviour of just 1 default value if several files had been selected is not available any more.
You now may enter several preset values but you have to select the desired one each time.