adding track # to title


I want the track number to be included in the title (ex: 01 My name is Jonas). I have been able to go to "customize colums" then change the "title" value and field to: "$num(%track%,2) %title%" or simply "%track% %title%", and it shows up correct on the large portion of the screen where it lists all tracks in the directory, but when I look to the track info on the left side of the screen it still just shows the track name and it isnt saved correctly. can someone please tell me what im doing wrong???


You're just changing the view on the information and not the information that is stored in the file.

To copy the track number to the title field, use a Format value action for the field TITLE and use $num(%track%,2) %title% as format string.

Please see this post for more information on actions.

How to flag a tag as being populated

Nice! I think I got it now. Thanks!


I hope I understand you correctly now... but you should not put wrong data in a tag. Think of it as a database. Track number belongs in the track tag and nowhere else. All players, both software and hardware sorts tracks by the track number tag so I don't see why you would ever want to mess up the id3 tags like this. Filenames on the other hand can contain the track numbers if you want.