Adjust cover - add to toolbar

Any way to add this to the toolbar for easy access? Brilliant addition, by the way.


No. Toolbar is as it is.

If there's no way to put a shortcut somewhere, perhaps this could be considered for a future update?

See e.g. here:

or here:

or here:

or here:

To me, the most logical place would be as an item on the context menu when you right-click the cover:

  • Add cover...
  • Remove cover
  • Extract cover...
  • Adjust cover...



Yes, my first automatic reaction was to right click and see if it came up in the context menu

It's already on my list for the next version.

I'm still not sure how to handle this from a UX perspective. The current contextual menu items deal with the current displayed cover — so in my current planning, the new entry would allow for resizing the current cover only.

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What about an additional check box in the same "adjust cover" window named with something like "adjust ALL existing covers"?
Or an additional drop down box with a multi selection for all the existing cover types in this song?
(to choose exactly "Front Cover", "Back Cover" but not "Media" for example?)

You've suddenly made me wonder what other users do or what other features I'm missing. I always only focus on the currently displayed cover so your idea of a right-click option there would be perfect. Thank you.

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I've added the right-click option to adjust the cover with Mp3tag v3.00a. I decided to apply it to all covers of the file, because this is probably also what's intended.

Florian, that's brilliant, thanks

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thanks a lot, please split into two fields: width & hight
if one field is empty resize proportional to the given value.

Hi all,

Just new to this community but working for a long time with MP3TAG.
Great software use it every day. All my mp3's should have a cover and the correct ID3tag.

My question is can there be a activity (button) that adjust all covers of all the selected files to the same size?

Kind regards

Hi Quentin and welcome,

you can select the files and either choose "Adjust cover" from the right-click menu of the cover window (v3.04b required) or run an action "Adjust cover" on the files.