Advice with Actions to split title

I I have a situation with some of my tags where the file name is not suitable to be used and the user has put the title and artist in the title field example below

Title = Desperate Time -- The Chantels

How can I convert to

Artist = The Chantels
Title = Desperate Time

Thanks in advance for you help

For your given example:

Artist Tag:
'Convert' > 'Tag - Tag'
Field: "ARTIST"
Format string: $trim($substr(%title%,$add($strstr(%title%,--),$len(--)),1000))

Title Tag:
'Convert' > 'Tag - Tag'
Field: "TITLE"
Format string: $trim($substr(%title%,1,$sub($strstr(%title%,--),$len(--))))

Just be sure to write the 'Artist' tag first; the 'Title' tag overwrites itself, which will erase the artist's name from the current title.

Hope this helps.

You can also use an action Guess values with source format

and guessing pattern
%artist% -- %title%

thank guess for the solution much appreciated.
Here's one how can you deal with the situation where the file name has no clear delimiter between the artists and the title what's the best approach for dealing with this example below
Sammy Levi You Want To Love Me.mp3
Required result
Artist = Sammy Levi
Title = You Want To Love Me

You need a clear delimiter to divide the ARTIST from the TITLE.

If most of your filenames have a two word ARTIST followed by the TITLE you can get a result with the Convert Filename -> Tag and the format string:


But this does not work for
ABBA Waterloo
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Take a Pebble
or any other different combination.

You would have to filter for artists with 1, 2, 3 etc. name parts.
Then you could use "Guess value" with a regular expression as source, e.g.
$regexp(%_filename%',(.*? .*?) (.*),$1==$2)
and target format string: %artist%==%title%

for the artists with an ampersand, the source would look like this:
$regexp(%_filename%',(.*? .*?& .*?) (.*),$1==$2)

But you would have to spend the effort to find out how many name parts an artist has. MP3tag cannot read.

Alternative: if you have the artist name somewhere in the folder structure, you could fill the field ARTIST from there, import the filename as it is and then remove the artist name from the TITLE with an action of the type "Format value" and a $replace() statement.

The whole thing looks a lot like

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