Album art addition - Why did you change this?

The new version 2.51 states the following:

"add cover now defaults to the last used cover directory if the is no cover art in the file's directory."

Why did you change this? :angry:

Now I have to drill from the last directory of another file if the picture in the current file is blank. A lot of the music I tag, starts off with a blank picture field that I used to right click to add a picture from the same directory.

Now I have to go hunting around in Windows Explorer to get back to the same directory the LP art I had originally wanted to add is located at.

Any chance of turning this off or modifying it back to the old right mouse click behavior that mp3tag has had for years?

Yes, this new feature affects me too, it is rather bewildering.
Why should Mp3tag guide me into a folder, which was eventually used at some point in the past, hm ... when was that actually? But why I am now there?
Perhaps there may be any image, perhaps not. But this image I do not want to use!
What is, if such last folder does not exist?


Well it's serious enough that I had to revert back to 2.50

I see no point to this change. None whatsoever. :frowning:

Where did it default to previously?

It used to default to the same folder your music files were in.

You had them on the main screen and you were getting ready to tag them, you right mouse click to add an LP cover and it would open up in the same folder where your LP cover art was located at it, which is typically the same folder your music files are located at. That way they're all kept together in one place that you can easily tag from.

Now if you right mouse click, it defaults to your Pictures folder (or in some other generic spot) if you happened to have moved your music folder somewhere else. At least it does on mine.

DetlevD and Florian know what I'm talking about.

The way I'm reading it, if that folder contains artwork, it should still open in the same folder. Is that not working correctly?

It sounds like the new behavior would be convenient if, for example, you have a folder to which you download all your covers - My Documents\Downloads, for example. Or if you have a folder into which you scan all your covers.

If there would be a setup definition (option) for such a standard picture folder, this would be ok and reliable.
The new search method in Mp3tag v2.51, find a fitting folder, is an unreliable guessing game.


I did not expect this new feature to be so controversial :slight_smile:

The idea is that if the is no cover art in the file's folder (this one was used by default previously) Mp3tag will open the last folder that was used for picking cover art (assuming that it may be the folder that is used for storing cover art).

I don't see why this new feature is disturbing you in such way. Previously, if there was no cover art in the file's directory you also had to navigate to another folder. Now it's only another starting point.

I've tried to prevent adding a new configuration option for that.

Kind regards

There is cover art in each separate mp3 music folder I have.

When I right mouse click a music folder and select mp3tag, the music files contained in the folder immediately populate the main screen. I adjust the tags like I normally do.

I then right mouse click the album art box and it immediately opens to the art that's contained in that specific music folder that I am currently rendering in mp3tag. That's how it used to behave.


Now it's supposed to send me to some generic default folder where all the album art is supposed to be stored at. Problem is I don't keep album art in one central location because it would mean going through hundreds of .jpgs having to search for the right one and they're not all labeled correctly. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

That is both stupid and time consuming. :angry:

So now I have to hunt down the exact same music folder (that I am currently rendering in mp3tag) in Windows Explorer just to hunt for the picture in the same music folder when I didn't have to before. It defaulted right there to the same folder that mp3tag is currently rendering.

That is also both stupid and time consuming. :angry:

That's why album art is sorted by the music folder it matches to. Not some stupid central location where everything is unorganized and lost.

Get the picture?

No, if the folder containing the audio file has an image in it, Mp3tag should open that folder when you right-click to add artwork.

I gotta wonder - have you actually used it yet, or are you just whining?

Yes I have used it and it doesn't do that.

What kind of stupid question is that anyway? Are you the developer here or what?

So you're reporting a bug. Is that correct?

Well I do wish you'd reconsider that, Florian.

Some kind of option some of us can use under Tools -> Options to be able to change this behavior

It's not a "guess". It's standard behavior for programs to open the last used folder for file operations. It sounds to me like the new behavior is intended to give users the best of both worlds without a need for additional configuration options.

I've tried it out now on half a dozen different albums and it works exactly as Florian has described. When there are images in the same folder as the music file, it opens in that folder. When there are not, it opens in the last used folder.

The one case I can think of where this change could be detrimental to work flow would be if you kept artwork in a subfolder of the folder containing the audio files. For example,

..\Allman Brothers
....\Eat a Peach

In this case you'd have to navigate back to the album folder rather than simply down a folder.

And that's what I do to keep a lot of them organized. I put them in a subfolder within the music folder since I could have as many as 10 to 20 jpgs attached to an album in that specific music folder. I only keep one album inside each music folder with it's own subfolder. If only one or two .jpgs are available for that album, then I do not bother to create a subfolder for it.

With the old version, it will take me right to that subfolder and I double click it and there they are.

With the new version I have navigate back from the desktop and drill back down to my music folder to get at that subfolder. Especially when the previous folder I had already tagged has been moved to another location and mp3tag can no longer find the last folder it detected a .jpg at. Then it then starts back at the desktop again. Blah.

I don't complain for the sake of complaining. In fact, I've been using this program for the last seven years and have had few complaints until now.

:flushed: Then why in the world didn't you mention that?

Because even when it's not in a subfolder, it's still not rendering in the same music folder. It keeps trying to go back to the last music folder I tagged the album art at.

That's not quite right.
The standard behaviour is opening the folder, which is the current working directory.
Only applications, which keep track of formerly used folders can offer a list of old folders, which may or may not exist at this point in time.

No, it is bewildering, because it is not obvious.
For the user it is a guessing game.

Yes it works as described, but the effect is not so useful.
The intention would be useful by a dedicated option, where the user can define for himself what one and only default standard folder, e. g. 'My Pictures', should be used in case of having no picture available in the current working folder.

And that's the pity. Because this can mean, to navigate over many folders, back and forward, and also over disks, to the last used usb port, to the last network connection or what so ever.
It has something of a 'paper chase' (german: Schnitzeljagd).


What DetlevD said. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

I've used this program for the last seven years with little complaint, so I hope Florian adds a menu option to change this folder behavior especially considering I see no reason to change it to begin with.

In the meantime, I'm afraid I'll have to stick with the older version.


I am having to reverse to 2.5.0 for the same reason as others the new version behaves the same as windows (using last folder opened) but not very useful when the artwork is stored in directories under the files,
but apart from that fantastic software i have been using it for a long time and still have a few thousand LP's To convert.