Album cover art issue - again

A few years ago I opened this topic on album cover art directories

For awhile, starting with 2.52 it was pretty consistent as to right mouse clicking and opening to the directory where each music files were located at. Now, sometimes it will open to the same directory, other times it opens to the previous unrelated directory I added album cover art to.

Has this behavior changed since 2.52? Where is the setting that used to be in there pointing to the same directory I want to install the cover art at?

As usual, you can specify where Mp3tag looks for Cover Art here:
Options > Directories > Cover art directory

Whatever is entered there, Mp3tag will add a trailing backslash.
So if you have the cover art in the same folder as the audio files, use this: $cutRight(%_folderpath%,1)

%_folderpath% includes a trailing backslash, so we must use the $cutRight function to remove it before Mp3tag adds the default trailing backslash.

If you have the cover art in a sub-folder named "AlbumArt" within the folder containing the audio files, use this: %_folderpath%AlbumArt

These directory specifications will force Mp3tag to open the folders even if they do not contain image files.


Two more questions:

Just to clarify, so just insert the following code line %folderpath%AlbumArt in the Cover Art Directory field?

And do I tick off the "Subdirectories" and the "Start From This Directory" boxes as well?

Yes. And AlbumArt is just an example: the name can be whatever you want (eg. MyArt, HiRes, Images, etc. etc. etc.)

Those don't have any effect on where Mp3tag looks for cover art.
They relate to how Mp3tag starts and loads files.

If there is a check-mark for "start from this directory", Mp3tag will start by loading your "Favorite directory", selected above.
If there is a check-mark and "Favorite directory" is blank, Mp3tag will start with an empty file list.
Without a check-mark, Mp3tag will start by loading the directory that was active when it was last closed.

You probably know that files can be added to Mp3tag by choosing a directory. (drag & drop or Windows context menu or Mp3tag toolbar)
If "Subdirectories" is unchecked, Mp3tag loads files from only the chosen directory.
If "Subdirectories" is checked, Mp3tag loads files from the chosen directory and all its sub-directories.


Right now, both "Subdirectories" and the "Start From This Directory" boxes are not ticked.

The line I put in "Cover Art Directory" is - - %folderpath%artwork\ since typically the art is located in a subfolder called artwork

So far, I haven't noticed any difference. Am I still doing something wrong?

I would rather just have the right-mouse click just open in the music files folder where I'm tagging from and me have to drill into the artwork sub-folder manually.


Also, that first line of code you mentioned up above. Is it?


Or is it?


It's hard to determine the way you have that sentence constructed.


It should be %_folderpath%artwork, not %folderpath%artwork\
You forgot the leading underline character.
You don't need to type the trailing backslash because Mp3tag adds it automatically.
But your screenshot shows the correct string for "Cover art directory".

Why do you think something is wrong?

When I test that string by clicking "Add cover...", the file selector opens in the artwork sub-folder in the folder of the selected file.
Isn't that what happens for you? If not, what does?

Then use $cutRight(%_folderpath%,1)
Sorry for the confusion.