Album Art update only from Discogs

Hi -

I'm trying to pull Album art from Discogs by using the Globe Icon -> Discogs option on a track that has all the other tags except album art.

I find results in discogs, choose one result, and uncheck all the tags except album art.

I'm expecting only the album art to be set (which it is), but the fields that I've unchecked (Title, Artist, etc) are being set as blank when saving the tag. Is this expected behavior? Looking for a way to only update album art.

Welcome and thanks for your feedback!

Importing only cover art and preserving existing tags in the process is currently not really possible via Tag Sources. I have a big item on my internal list which says Cover-only Tag Sources and it'll come in one of the next versions of Mp3tag.

At the moment, you can for example use drag and drop of the image directly from your browser to the cover window in Mp3tag to add the cover.

Thanks Florian, I appreciate the response!

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