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Is there a way to add album art to an entire album or do you have to add art to each song individually?


You can either use "Select All Files" from the Edit Menu, Use CTRL A or chose the Icon from the Menu Bar once that is done simply right click on the picture / image box and you can add the image from the folder or paste from an alternate source. As well, you can use MP3Tag in conjunction with a tool called Album Art Downloader which will search the net for you as indicated here in this thread..I believe topic 12942 or you can search for the following simply copy and paste in the search box or Google it.

> Mp3Tag & Album Art Downloader Tutorial, pick up album art and include it into mp3 files


I wasn't brave enough to try select all the files so I selected all the files in two folders and clicked "add cover." That worked, but to be sure I tried it with all the files in three folders. This time I had many files with the artwork for the first folder rather than the correct folder. Hit and miss as to whether the correct artwork was attached. I'm now selecting all the files in one folder at a time and no problems.


I doubt that this is the correct method. Why should it work with 2 folders but not with 3?

The way with predictable results is:
select all the files,
make sure that each folder has the correct album art
Create an action of the type "Import cover from file"
Enter the filename format string - this could also be *.jpg which takes the first jpg file from each folder.
Start the action.

cover tag

Thank you ohrenkino.

I've read several convoluted ways to add album art to multiple files. Yours is the first simple and clear explanation of how to do this quickly. As for why I got the wrong covers on some files when I selected files from multiple albums and used "Add cover," I have no idea. I had the correct artwork in each folder. I selected the files from a John Mayall album, a Danny Gatton album, and a Bluesbreakers album and then clicked on "Add cover." Several of the Gatton and Bluesbreakers songs had the Mayall cover.

Thanks again.


If you do so you get a explorer-selection-window to select 1 (one) cover-file. So how did you get the idea that after selecting one cover-file MP3Tag would magically select other cover-files in different folders that you did not select?

There are automatisms in MP3Tag to add cover-files to different files in different folders, but they do not work with "Add Cover". Instead you have to define an action of the type "Import Cover from file" as Ohrenkino decribed. To do this your cover-files need to have the same naming-system and you have to tell Mp3Tag this naming system in the format-string of the action.


Zitat: First of all I got that idea from another forum post. It sounded far-fetched to me which is why I only tried a few folders at a time. In the past it has apparently worked for another user. Just so you know; SOME of the songs in the other folders did have the correct image. I don't know why and I don't care why.

I thanked ohrenkino for his correct and clear explanation which should have been the end of it. However I will also thank you for your snide comment.


Yes, the result corresponds exactly to your approach.
If you select files from different artists and you give the command to Mp3tag, within the dialog "Extended Tags" view, to add the same cover image to all the selected files, then Mp3tag will do this job just like you ordered it.