Album Cover do not show on Samsung Phone

Hello...I've assigned custom jpeg album art for each artist and combined them in mp3tag. In fact it has worked for all my music except 3 albums. For some reason it works on my pc but when I look at the album cover on my phone (android note 9) 3 are messed up, it's as if the art was picked automatically from the web and does not show my custom album cover. Any easy suggestions. Thx

Have a look at this thread:

Hey thx...I've realized the Samsung Music Player on my phone is just fussy...I installed another music app and all the problem album art was fine this time except now a previously working album is now having no show issues....So I installed another music app until all album art showed up perfectly...I went thru several apps until I found the one that worked. I would have spent hours trying to figure this out.