Embedded cover art not showing on Android phone

I've read multiple threads regarding this issue but was unable to resolve the problem.

I used the %_covers% IS "" filter to check and the file does not show up. The artwork does show on WMP and Winamp but won't display on my phone (Samsung Note 3).

The image is .jpeg and 500x500. I mainly use the default music player but I've tried using the Google music player and Shuffle but none of them are displaying the art. I have been able to successfully add cover art through WMP previously but for some songs it wouldn't work.

Any ideas? Thank you

You could see this thread:

Or reduce the size even further to 200*200

As WMP mainly relies on the "folder.jpg" mechanism, it could be that the phone player also expects that file in the folder.

Also check if the tag version is any different (V2.4 vs. V2.3 which is the preferred one).

And: check the file consistency with Foobar or mp3val.

I went to the link you provided and followed these instructions.

'Go to "Options > Tags > Mpeg" and enable
(x) ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1'

On mp3tag, it says "ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3) under the Tag column

I reduced the size to 200x200

I downloaded mp3val and ran a scan on the file and the State column says "OK". Wasn't really sure what I was doing but I just added the file and scanned.

I copied and pasted the song/file onto my phone and the cover art still won't show.

I have 'show hidden files' but there is no folder.jpg in the folder where the file is located.

Thank you

Honestly, I am only guessing.

There was a German thread that discussed a very stubborn mp3 player on an android and in the end the cause was that this player always wanted to load the covers from a remote server. It could never display the embedded covers ... this was planned for a future version.
This only became obvious with a more exotic file as the other covers so far could be found on that server. So perhaps you encounter something similar.

I don't know.

.... oh jeez.. I just figured it out. I was looking at the files which displayed cover art correctly on my phone and the one that didn't to see what was different on Mp3tag.

Noticed that the files that displayed the cover art had an album tag so I went and just put in some random text (all the while thinking omg this better not be it) and voila.. it worked. Man, I feel stupid and sorry for wasting your time lol. Thanks

I do not feel like having wasted my time. Thanks for the further investigation. I did not know that Android players need a mandatory album tag to show cover art ... Now I do.