Album names showing up in Chinese or?

I have been updating my database for the last year. (thank you Florian). Today, I noticed I had a lot of previously updated records that had several fields blank in MP3TAG but the album titles were in a script that looked Chinese to me, but what do I know. (Album name = ÿ䛾愀爀 䄀挀爀漀猀猀 吀栀攀 匀攀愀). In windows explorer the only problem field is the album name also in the above script. MP3TAG the filename is correct, however the title, artist ,album artist, track, year, Genre are blank, file data is populated. Media Monkey displays the data correctly. I have about 600 tracks with this anomaly. Thoughts anyone?

Please test whether the files are corrupted:

Please also check whether you have APE tags in the files. Since Mp3Tag prioritizes Ape tags when reading, these can cover Id3v2 tags.

I would like to add that this looks like a character encoding problem. Apparently the tags are not encoded with UTF but ISO. Unless the original codepage could be reproduced there is little chance to get the tag data back.

OK- so now I have a lot of research into specifics of the MP3 details of which I previously knew very little. It is all good and thanks for pointing me to these areas. I am posting this to acknowledge the suggestions and to say that it will take me a little time to learn the new terms and tools. - Thank you and see you later....