Allow uneditable fields to the Tag Panel

I was trying to include _FOLDERPATH in the tag panel to use solely for information, previously wanted to include _LENGTH as well, but ohrenkino informed me that this could not be done. I understand the the original and preliminary intent of the tag panel was to edit tags, but I use it as an information panel, that will display a customized set of information for each file as I select them. It is kind of like an docked extended tag panel.

It would be great to be able to display this type of information in the tag panel, even if they cannot be edited, perhaps greyed out. It helps to be able to view everything in one place in a format you can customize. Yes you can do this with columns but sometimes things are easier to see in the panel.


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What about using _DIRECTORY?
Just found your question about it: Cannot place _FOLDERPATH in the panel

Here are my 50 cents:
I see a problem with fields that could editted and others that are read-only.

When I look at e.g.Foobar2000 then the metadata is split in Tag Data and General data.
So I could imagine an additional information panel that shows the header information.

Like that it would clear, that none of the displayed data in this panel could be modified.
This panel would then allow only fields with names that start with an underscore.
The information panel would be detachable like the tag panel, but the basic place would be below the tag panel and above the filter, so swallowing up some of the space for the tag panel.


That is a good idea! I see the merit in trying to keep things separated. Still, I would rather be able to customize where that information was displayed within the tag panel. I believe that just applying a grey background, or grey characters in that field would be sufficient to signify that the fields could not be changed. Or perhaps the field(s) can remain fixed and not be clickable? But in the end, IF this is implemented, I would be satisfied with a separate dock-able area where this information could be displayed.

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If it's still relevant, I would like to have option to add _filename near tag panel. Because often there is some info for tag (title\artist\etc) and I have to compare info in tags with info in filename. It's good idea to add one more section like tag panel or filter bar.

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If this is really the use case then it would make even more sense to have a _PATH column next to the tag panel.
The merrits of the tag panel are that you enter data just once and that gets distributed to all the selected files.
As the filename is unique to each file the tag panel display would switch to <keep> as soon as you select more than 1 file. And if you treat the files individually anyway, then the files list would speed up that process as you don't have to save the modifications.
And in respect to the property filename and its information contents - I just as often have data in the folder or actually in the path. So, seeing only the filename would not be sufficient.
And then again - due to the limitations in allowed characters, the filename can sometimes be misleading as it leaves out vital pieces of information ... (e.g. question marks, asterisks, slashes, pipes and bars, colons etc.). So I do not see the filename as that important but that may be different in every workflow.

Not for me. I usually don't need all 2-3-5-7 folders name in path to fill some tags. It would be just dead info, because I modify files one folder at time.

Again, not for me. You have to make waaay more long path with eyes to find correct tag column, then change it, then look back to check if this tag correct and do all that in list with many other 'noise-info' from other files that make difficult to run back and forth with each file, not to mention that you have to scroll horizontally sometimes.

Not my case, sorry.

Then if this is the case, you could still have the left column as _filename instead, and get the info you suggested you require to be in the tag panel at least right next to it.

If your path or file names are really so long, then it will very likely be even more difficult to see them in the tag panel.

If you mean your Title/Album/Artist fields don’t have any special characters whatsoever, that is remarkable. There are plenty of well documented artists that use the slash, and countless albums that at least contain a colon that easily come to mind. These are not valid characters in path or file names.

Bottom line, you asked to add a feature that is at least currently not forthcoming. Some simple options as a work around in the meantime have been provided.

As I said, have look at column, find right filename and then look back at tags panel is uncomfortable.

So you said that vertical column has move horizontal space than horizontal line above tag panel? LMAO.

I don't said that I store tag info in filename, do not interpret my words in your own way. I said that when I'm sorting files from "wrong" tags and filename some files has info in filename. When I fill all tags for file it will be renamed. So again, not my case.

So, basically you are trying to convince me that uncomfortable way for me to editing tags is comfortable for me.
Here is example for you.
Correct tags for file will be: Title: Arguru; Artist: Deadmau5.
In mp3tag software I will move eyes like that 2-3 times at least:

Screenshot 1

Red circle where will my eyes be when I move eyes up, because I have to "search" correct row for current file even if it has slightly different row collor

And here how It would be comfortable:

Screenshot 2

Basically, I almost won't be moving eyes at all, because eyes already catch all info I need. I won't even bother with the table for editing because all I need is down there.

And that I will rename file with correct name.

I don't get it - the filename, the title and the artist are in the same row of the file list even selected and highlighted - and fpr the direct comparison the task is to jump from the filename just 2 columns to the right and that is uncomfortable?
I have my doubts that the screen layout is the best for that kind of workflow. The initial layout has the tag panel on the left of the file list and to glance between the information in the tag panel and the left most column in the file list where (as the suggestions go) the filename is displayed, looks ok to me.

I can only interpret your request from what you wrote. From your screenshot, I see you have moved you tag panel to the bottom of the screen. So that makes some difference, and wasn’t clear from the earlier posts. This is not the default location so it does make some difference. However even there some challenges will exist. In the tag panel, there is a limit to the width of each field box, so again you will run into some challenges with longer path and file names. Not the case in the main panel, where you are free to resize each column as required.

Anyhow, to each there own. It has already been confirmed in other threads that fields that cannot be edited will not be added to the tag panel. I was offering some alternate ways to try to help achieve what you were trying to do within the current design.