Allow uneditable fields to the Tag Panel

I was trying to include _FOLDERPATH in the tag panel to use solely for information, previously wanted to include _LENGTH as well, but ohrenkino informed me that this could not be done. I understand the the original and preliminary intent of the tag panel was to edit tags, but I use it as an information panel, that will display a customized set of information for each file as I select them. It is kind of like an docked extended tag panel.

It would be great to be able to display this type of information in the tag panel, even if they cannot be edited, perhaps greyed out. It helps to be able to view everything in one place in a format you can customize. Yes you can do this with columns but sometimes things are easier to see in the panel.


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What about using _DIRECTORY?
Just found your question about it: Cannot place _FOLDERPATH in the panel

Here are my 50 cents:
I see a problem with fields that could editted and others that are read-only.

When I look at e.g.Foobar2000 then the metadata is split in Tag Data and General data.
So I could imagine an additional information panel that shows the header information.

Like that it would clear, that none of the displayed data in this panel could be modified.
This panel would then allow only fields with names that start with an underscore.
The information panel would be detachable like the tag panel, but the basic place would be below the tag panel and above the filter, so swallowing up some of the space for the tag panel.


That is a good idea! I see the merit in trying to keep things separated. Still, I would rather be able to customize where that information was displayed within the tag panel. I believe that just applying a grey background, or grey characters in that field would be sufficient to signify that the fields could not be changed. Or perhaps the field(s) can remain fixed and not be clickable? But in the end, IF this is implemented, I would be satisfied with a separate dock-able area where this information could be displayed.

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