AMD 7 5xxx crashing and slow working


I have switched to AMD and I notice now several bugs into the program, especially very difficult is to close the application.
App freezes every time after clicking X for seconds too minute or never close at all.

App stopps responding during working also, as by intel, but much more times.

Last observation:
My AMD is ten ten ten times faster than old Intel, but app is slower during read the database at start, during batch changing names and applying other Actions (I use frequently Actions Replace, Guess, Format).

It never stopps during filtering the View.

see, whether this helps:

Thank you, but that did not help.
On old machine I used the same programs as on new PC, Defender included.
Also, my disks are now all SSD, disk operations must be quicker, they are, but not in MP3Tag. Collection of files is on the same disk as before.
Maybe it is not problem with AMD, because from switch machines where minimum 2 new versions of the MP3Tag.

So you switched to a new machine?
Is it a fresh installation of MP3tag or a migrated one?

Did you make sure that the ownership and access right get adapted to the new user-id?
In earnest: do you think that MP3tag cannot cope with better hardware? I strongly believe that the migration did not take everything into consideration.
Please scan the forum for topics on access to migrated installations.

I think you still have to assign an exception for MP3tag in defender on the new machine.

Changing privileges is a basic move, please :wink:

But thank you for your advice to make exception in Defender.
Exactly, on old machine I have had exception, I removed it before switching and did not make it again on new machine.
I have going to check this, thank you.

But, exception is not clearing for freezing of the app at close!

And you have not yet answered whether you installed MP3tag from scratch or copied it to the new machine.
MP3tag tries to write the mp3tag.cfg file when closing. If that fails (perhaps due to a messed up system) then it looks as though MP3tag fails. This usually does not happen with standard installations.

I have had since always portable version of instalation.
I moved it between computers in the past without any problem (only one: MP3Tag has problem with refreshing number of monitors).
This one is also copy from old machine.

*.cfg exists and is writing correctly last time.
Freezing is not permanent any time I close.

Maybe it is a problem with the database size, now including 24 100 items.
But sometimes MP3Tag is reading the database at start in few seconds, sometimes it is minute or two or longer.
On Intel it was always in seconds.

You have to switch on the library feature to experience the benefits.
See Tools>Options>Library

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As I said: if you have a new machine, it would be better to get a fresh installation.
Or you thoroughly have to check the settings in MP3tag, access rights, ownership.
And then adapt them to the new environment.

You have to switch on the library feature to experience the benefits.
See Tools>Options>Library

As I said, the disk with collection is the same, I checked, but I have nothing to change here.

As I said: if you have a new machine, it would be better to get a fresh installation.
Or you thoroughly have to check the settings in MP3tag, access rights, ownership.
And then adapt them to the new environment.

Thank you, but I think so called "portable installation" existed in to the MP3Tag is there for reason.

Yes. It does. Yet, it does not relieve you from the task to set access rights right, so configure folders right that should be watched by the library and so on.
I cannot and have not looked over your shoulder when you set up your new system, so I cannot tell from the distance what else might not be up to standard.
But I can assure you that there is no issue with AMD processors. And if you say that you did everything right, then everything should work ok, shouldn't it?

Nein, Ohrenkino, es gibt Windows! :wink:

OK, I think, we can close this topic now.

Of course we can not!

MP3Tag used to crased, almost everytime during close process.
The same instalallation does not do that, but on Intel.
You can not find any corellation with solutions, you provided here.
So, problem exists.

Do you mean it crashes repeatedly or is this a thing of the past? If it's the former, does it show any error message or does it produce crash dumps?

It crashes several times during close, but not always, maybe 2-3 times for 6-10 close. Almost always it freezes for long time during close. Program is signed in TaskManager during that as Not Responding, window of the app is whittened (as usual in Win for not responding window). It self-closes after almost all times, but sometimes I have to kill the process. No one error message.

Where have I lookin' for dump files for MP3Tag?

It would ask you to choose the location. There is Mp3tagError.log in the portable program directory which might be give some indication.

All what you're describing doesn't really sound like "crash" per se, but more of a very lengthy IO operation.

Some questions (some of which already asked, but I couldn't find clear answers in all cases):

  1. Have you given an exception to mp3tag.exe process in Windows Defender (as outlined above) without any typos?

  2. Is the portable Mp3tag directory on a fast SSD?

  3. Is this and the data you're operating with on an internal SSD or an external one?

  4. Do you have any other virus scanners, malware scanners, indexers ... which might interfere with Mp3tag?

MP3Tag closed normally.
In Error.log I find several messages as these:
File: smp3file2.cpp (into app temp directory)
Message: Exception at reading MP3 header from (filename of original file): MP3 header parse error
00001A10 at 1:05:07.951305
and once this part at the end:
File: mtdatabase.cpp
Line: 906
Message: Cleanup covers: 0:00.027883
00001A10 at 1:18:09.671769
File: mtdatabase.cpp
Line: 919
Message: Cleanup binaries: 0:00.000038
00001A10 at 1:18:09.671831

File: mtdatabase.cpp
Line: 966
Message: Cleaned 00001A10 at 1:18:09.717749


  1. I have exception for collection folder and music file formats. I can not because of policies give an exception for Process.

It was solution from OhrenKino which I realise, and I observe now, I have quicker response from MP3Tag (what I have to expect).
I used exceptions on old machine and I use it from a while on new.

  1. Portable folder is not, but temp folder for MP3Tag process is signed to quick nvme 3.0 x4 (and it works as I see in Error.log). On the same disk is system Swap File and system Temp.

  2. Data is on at the same place, here is nothing changed, I hope.

  3. I do not.

The log looks good, some MP3 parse errors are "normal" in the sense that they just indicate the quality of your files and are not related to the stability of Mp3tag.

Regarding your answers:

  1. If you don't have an exception for process mp3tag.exe, every database access performed by Mp3tag to read and update the library database at data\library\ is subject to Windows Defender analysis. This is described here.

  2. If your portable folder is not on a fast SSD, the library database at data\library\ can only be accessed and written to in the speed of your possibly slower portable drive. This is described here. The temp folder location is irrelevant in this setting.

Hope you find a way to incorporate these suggestions in your installation. If not, I'd suggest disabling the database library at Options β†’ Library as it is more likely to slow down things instead of improving the situation.