An artist's release date - multiple albums in a year

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I have digitized all my music and only listen to music from my cell phone via Bluetooth in the car and from a hard drive via a hi-fi system at home. My player on the phone is the Android app 'Rocket Player', where the Rocket Player sorts the music alphanumeric by album artist and then by release date.
So far so good, but now I've expanded my collection to include an artist who has released several albums in one year and the whole sorting is mixed up for this artist in Rocket Player.
I've been editing all my music with mp3tag for ages, but there I can only enter the full year for the release date, but unfortunately without the month or day.

I would be extremely grateful for any suggestions or help with solutions.

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Sorry in advance!!

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I do not think that this is an MP3tag problem but a player problem.
In general, the field YEAR is defined to be a 4-digit-field by the ID3 standard. So there is not real space to expand it.
The more accurate date would be RELEASETIME which allows you to define the date down to a second. The question would be whether your player can cope with it.
I wonder whether your player really only considers the year ... and if so .. you could trick the player and add an non-suspicious character to the album artist's name for all the additional albums in a year like "Beatles" become "Beatles_". The player should treat the Beatles with an underscore as a new artist.
If you are not satisfied with the current player, see

This will depend on the player’s sorting options. Usually this should be Albumartist/Album or Albumartist/Year/Album. Maybe check the app for an additional sorting option?

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