Android MTP support


I cannot add a folder from my Android device (it uses MTP connection - media transfer protocol), when I select the storage I cannot see the folders on the right side. If I expand the folder in tree and then select a folder, I got an error message 'The folder name is invalid'.
Any help on this?


Try going back one folder, select the 'mp3' folder but don't double click it. Then press select folder.

Or else drag the 'mp3' folder directly into the mp3Tag window.

What you're trying to do is open a folder called 'mp3' when no directory is within that folder called that.

Thanks for answering!

I tried pressing select folder in every tree level, that's when I get the error message.
If I drag and drop nothing happens.

I guess this is related to the device not being recognized as a drive (it doesn't have a drive letter) but as a MTP.

MTP is not possible with Mp3tag.
You have to copy the files to a local drive to edit them.