Any way for 1) batch and/or 2) no-confirm running of a websource?


I created a websource file that uses an already-tagged SONG_ID of a song to grab additional metadata linked by that uniqueID. It works fine, but I have to run it for every song using the the quick web source command (CTRL+SHIFT+I) for every song. Is there a way to select every song on the album and have it run for every selected file, thus populating unique metadata for each tagged SONG_ID? Currrently, selecting every song and running the websource finds the metadata for the first song and tries to apply it to the rest, which isn't what I want.

Secondly, is there a way to have a no confirm or silent-mode setting for a websource? Basically, running the websource will do its job without throwing up a confirmation screen showing the results.

AFAIK "no" for both.