App hanging on writing tag data

I have 19,000 files and I am writing artist to album artist. I runs to the end not writing anything (this may be correct as I may already have all the album artists filled in). It gets to formatted tags in 0 of 19,804 files.0 of 19804 files renam... and the gree bar is full for completed process and there is an abort button. It stays stuck here and never comes back. Waited 10 minutes. If I hit abort, the progress and abort windows goes away but the app pretty much becomes unusable. All the menu items are grayed out. I have to kill the app with CTRL+ALT+DEL.

This happens on 3.19 and 3.20.

I would assume that you have a local problem with some of the files.
Check them for integrity:

also check which other programs (like virus checkers, indexers, other players) access the files.

If oyu have a file tha usually stops the process, then please supply it so that it can be inspected.

I am pretty sure there is nothing wrong with my files. But to give an update, I did it in sections of about 4K and they all worked. So I am not sure if maybe I didn't wait long enough or perhaps there was an issue with the large amount of files. Who knows. but it seems to all be working now. Thanks for the quick response! Take it easy.

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