Appending to existing genres

Solution for anyone reading this thread in the future:

  • Tags were converted to semicolons upon recommendation. Used "Replace" from Quick Actions, however this later (not first time) had issues for me because I drag and drop tracks from Music/iTunes
    -- I think this thread helped but will see if issue persists in the ftuture.
  • De-deduplicating genres seemes to leave the last one. I used the .mta from the thread linked above, modified for semicolons
  • "NOT genre HAS "Rock" filter was used as template to keep file browser clean as I manually edited tracks.
    -- Confirmed they can't be saved, as of now
  • Adding/appending tags to semicoloned list was done by creating an Action
    -- Select 'Format Tag Field', choose Genre, add genre of choice. I simply highlighted and selected desired tracks then applied action to add genre.

Thanks to ohrenkino, MotleyG and
Florian who promptly enlightened me!

P.S My only final issue is not undoing deleting track (from browser view) when finger becomes trigger happy?
EDIT: Unsure how to split posts/threads so made a new one!

Another update for anyone else who's stuck with the regex for deduplication:

Use this expression:
(?:(?<=,)|(?<=\A)) ?([^,]*),(?=.*?(?<=,) ?\1(?=,|\z))

  • By creating a new Replace With Regular Expression action.
  • Set Field to GENRE and leave Replace blank

This is the semicolon version that I'm using:
(?:(?<=;)|(?<=\A)) ?([^;]*);(?=.*?(?<=;) ?\1(?=;|\z))
I just manually replaced commas with semicolons!

.mta didn't work this time for some reason (recently reinstalled computer).

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