Apply action to multiple/all fields?

Is there a way to indicate that an action should apply to multiple fields? I've found _ALL in the docs, but I'm wondering if I can specify multiple particular fields. I tried something like "TITLE, ARTIST" but it didn't do anything.

I find this a little theoretical - a real example would be helpful.
Here is a thread for the WIndows version that deals with the same action for several fields:

Please note that the Windows action "Guess value" is called "Import tag fields" on the Mac.

Thank you. Here is a very simple example: I would like to convert hyphens to slashes in the title, artist, album, and album artist fields. I can do that by manually creating a bunch of otherwise identical actions, but it would be much more convenient to have one action that applies to multiples fields. Especially if I ever have to change the action!

That is exactly the case as described in the linked thread: use the scripting function $replace() as shown there, appended by the fields that you want to treat.
Stil I doubt that the action in itself makes so much sense.
Groups like 3-O-Matic probably don't want to appear as 3/O/Matic, or Abba-esque as Abba/esque.
Olivia Newton-John would become Olivia Newton/John ...
20 - 20 by the Beach boys would become 20 / 20,
80 - 81 by Pat Metheny 80 / 81
The album B-52's by the B-52's ...
The Beatles with the blue and red album would be 1962/1966 and 1967/1970 which I would consider to be a different statement than 1962-1966 and 1967-1970.
In title "Re-Recorded" would become Re/Recorded ...
If at all, I think that such an action would have to be applied with utmost care.

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