Specifying Multiple Fields for an Action

Back 2011, somebody ask if it's possible to specify multiple tags for an action and somebody replied it's not possible at the time.

Is this possible now in 2017? If yes, how can I do it?

I tried fields,field2 as an example and it wouldn't work. It's possible I'm using the the wrong delimeter (looked for examples on the mp3tag website and can't find it). It's also possible that this feature is still not available.


The function is there in principle but not as you probably expect it.
The trick is to use an action of the type "Guess value" for the list of fields that you want to treat in one go and use a delimiter of your choice. Also, the bulk function has to be applied to the source.
An example: you want to remove the "The" from ALBUMARTIST and ARTIST:
Action: "Guess value"
Source: $replace('%albumartist%===%artist%,The ,)
Target Pattern: %albumartist%===%artist%

The === can be replaced by more or less any unique character.
See, what you can make of it.

thanks again