Art wont show up on files in finder MAC OS for wav files

I'm batch tagging .wav files in mac OS Ventura 13.1. Eveything is working fine except the artwork isn't translating to the files no matter what set type i select. I also " save to file" to the .png is in the folder. png and jpegs dont make a difference either.

The problem is probably the

I doubt that the Mac OS can show pictures in wav files.
Try FLAC format for the files instead. that has better metadata support.

In the production music industry, all .wav files have a monsterous amount of metadata and include cover art, but we use industry specific programs like soundminor or web services like source audio. I was looking for a quick fix cause those programs are a pain.

Thanks for responding!!!

i cant even get mp3's to show artwork in from the file in the finder no matter what type i select the file. In both .wav and mp3's the art shows up in the files in the application.

I don't doubt that. And I am pretty sure that MP3tag adds accurately the metadata to the files.
And I am also pretty sure that the metadata is properly displayed in MP3tag and it is also embedded in the files.
What is not so sure: how to other programs treat WAV files? Can they read the metadata? Can they read all the metadata?
E.g. the Windows Explorer reads wav tags only to the extent of former ID3V1 (which is not the same as the chunks in wav files) tags - and that does not include pictures and no ALBUMARTIST either.
So if you test the presence of metadata in wav files with other programs than MP3tag, you have to make sure that this program can cope with wav files to the same extent that MP3tag can.
I just googled a little and found a lot of threads that complain about Apple programs that cannot cope with wav files properly.
That is why I ask about the functions in Mac OS.
If you have sample files that behave properly, then please show us these or screenshots of the relevant information dialogues.

SOLVED. If i drag the tagged files from mp3tag (with the art) into iTunes, the cover art marries to the file in the copied iTunes folder.

Just for reference: macOS Finder doesn't show album art preview icons for FLAC files tagged with VorbisComments — only ID3v2, which is not recommended to be used and, thus, not supported by Mp3tag.

I've submitted a bug report to Apple back in January 2022 (FB9868853) with details from the FLAC documentation and its recommendation to use VorbisComments.

That's great! Thanks for sharing this workaround, it's good to know. My guess is that iTunes has special and undocumented ways to trigger a refresh of the artwork caches that are used by Finder to display a preview icon.

Most of the time — and according to my tests — the cover preview thumbnails in Finder refresh automatically after tags are written via Mp3tag, though.