Artist Tag Contains Multiple Artists

Hello there,

I am trying to clean up my music library and have come across a problem.

I am trying to clean up the artist tag so it only contains the primary artist. It would be good if any other artists tagged could be removed from any tags and instead the filename be amended to include the other artists in the following format:

File Number File Name (feat. second artist, third artist etc)

feat would be additional text*

Could someone please help me with this?

How do you separate the additional artists from the primary one?
There a thread with more than 100 posts about the problem with featuring in various fields - I bet there is something for you.

Still I think

is not such a good idea as artist names can contain invalid characters for filenames (like AC/DC). I think that e.g. discogs now uses TITLE as place where to store the featured artist.

Thanks for your reply.

The example you gave from discogs sounds like the format I want to go for. Let's say that the album is by a particular arist/album artist, that's fine and doesn't need to be included in the title.

I want to include in the title anyone else who is not the artist/album artist preceded by (feat.)