Auto Adding a Space After a Period

Hi all wondering if someone knew how to have mp3tag always make sure there is a space after a period.

For example:
Jowell Y Randy - 15. Rastrillea (Ft.Los Leones) (Official Remix).mp3

Changes to this:
Jowell Y Randy - 15. Rastrillea (Ft. Los Leones) (Official Remix).mp3

Please :book: Aktionen

If you can't translate it to english, just let us know...

FAQ is also available in English...

Danke, dano!
Ich hab die noch gesucht, aber leider auch mit Sprachwahl "englisch" landet man bei klick auf FAQ (links von Hilfe) auf die deutsche FAQ. :sunglasses:

Faq doesn't really get into how to automatically have a space added after a period. Are both faq's the same?

Maybe an action like this:

Replace with regular expression
Regular expression: .([^\s+])
Replace matches with: . $1

You can try it, I'm not exactly an expert with the actions and/or RegEx though, so I would thoroughly test it before running it on a large amount of files.

Yes FAQ doesn't help because a simple replace doesn't work.
The RegEx of Mizery_Made is also not good if you apply it to a filename because it also adds a space before the extension. (And why the + sign?)

Edit. Ok we just put the RegEx in a different action:

Action type: Format value
Formatstring: $regexp(%_filename%,'.([^\s])',. $1)

Right you are Dano :\

Wow thanks guys! That was REALLY complex don't think I could have figured that out at all.

Thanks both Dano and Mizery_Made for your efforts :slight_smile: