Auto Playlist Creation w Nested Directories


I have 40GB of mp3's on a single drive. The files are organized by genre/artist/album/artist-album.mp3. I have not created playlists for any of these albums.

I want to automatically create playlists for each album, and I want the playlist to be stored in the album folder so that I can move that album folder and the playlist will still function. I have seen the following post and understand how to use CTRL-SHIFT-P:

Feature Request

However, this doesn't handle nested directories. I end up with new folders in my root directory (the album name) with one file (the playlist). So, short of changing MP3 tags directory to each individual artist to run the playlist creator, is there an easy way to create these playlists using your software?

Hopefully this makes sense. Thanks in advance for the help.

Please help with automatic playlist creation


You can change the playlist output format in the options dialog (Tools, Options ... and you'll find it under Playlist).

Sebastian Mares


Thanks for the quick response!

I see how to change the output format, but I don't see how to change it to place within multple subdirectories. For example, if my MP3 files are under D:\Genre\Artist\Album\title.mp3, how do I configure the playlist options to write to:

%_directory(Genre)%\%directory(Artist)\%directory(Album)\%artist% - %album%.m3u

Currently I can only get one directory (the Album name) so my m3u file appears under D:/Album/artist-title.m3u.




%genre%\%artist%\%album%\%artist% - %album%.m3u works for me. :unsure:

Sebastian Mares

Edit: By the way... Open the directory "D:" when using the above.


Oh man, THAT is awesome. THANKS!