Autodisc numbering from filename

Hi, I don't know if it's possible but I'll try anyway and you'll tell me if it's possible. I would like MP3TAG to index my discs based on the file name: in the figure, Osea CD 1, Gioele CD 2, ...

Do you have all this tracks in one (and only one) directory?

If yes, I don't see how Mp3tag could guess what belongs to the same disc.

What you can do:
Manually select all the 14 first tracks "Osea" and set the Discnumber to 1.
Then select the next 5 tracks "Gioele" and set the Discnumber to 2.

With Mp3Tag-version 3.18f you can select a tagfield for the reset of the discnumber, e.g. ALBUM.

The album is (currently) always the same.
You suggest, that @gialandra fills the individual album names from the filename first and then use this brandnew possibility from the beta-version of Mp3tag?

It was more of a general comment that wasn't aimed at the questioner's specific case at hand, because I had the impression that this new feature should be mentioned, that the track number assistant can no longer only be reset on changing directories.
In the case of the questioner, the existing tags apparently give no clue at all as to which files should belong to which disc. Ultimately, all that remains is manual work, marking the discs individually and using the track number assistant.

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I tried the beta version and in fact it's the right way: I filled the comment tag that was empty with the first word of the title (tag - tag > comment: $regexp(%title%,'(.*?)\ (.*)',$1)) and I used the new feature suggested by manifesto and then restored the comment field and this is the result: really powerful this program, thanks to the author and thanks to all of you!

How do you derive the correct discnumber from a word like "Osea"?
Your screenshot shows the discnumber 35 for Osea. I can't see any relationsship between the number and the first word from your title.
Would you mind to explain it?

Osea is the thirty-fifth book of the Catholic canon of the Bible so I set the window as in the screenshot:

Don't get me wrong: I believe you. :innocent:
Just to be sure:
You set this starting number 35 manually, because you KNOW that this is the number 35, right?
And "Gioele" is by accident the following book with the number #36? And "Amos" #37?

Right, you can see the Catholic canon of the Bible here:

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