Automatic Column Width Re-sizing


MP3TAG is a fantastic program but I feel it would benefit from automatic column width re-sizing that reflects the maximum data length in each column. This would enable us to see many more/all of the tag data fields.

What do you think?

My Mp3tag workplace has about 60 columns and is spread over 8 x screenwidth already.
How wide would it be if all columns were set to maximum width by default?
I am satisfied that I can adjust the column width as I need it individually.

And take into account, when an automatism works, that the maximum width of a column would be changed by any value anywhere in a column field in the long list view.

What chaos would be created if there were suddenly a lot of columns with changed width, after changes has take place in the tag fields? You would be dizzy by constant shrinking and growing.

Please forget this idea.
Please review the idea again.


Can you please stop talking people out of their feature suggestions. I find it quite harsh to welcome a new user/forum member with this attitude.

I can absolutely understand why resizing the column-width makes sense in some cases for a specific subset of the whole Mp3tag user-base (you're not part of this subset this time).

So — I'm reading this suggestion and will think if and how to realize this.

Kind regards
– Florian

And I totally forgot that this feature is already available :slight_smile:

You can use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl] [Num] [+] to automatically size the columns to match the content.

Kind regards
– Florian

Hmm, new forum member "BigRedSwitch" spoke not about the well-known already built in manual feature, but about an "automatic column width re-sizing", which practically makes the screenview flutter at nearly every tagfield formatting.
That was my concern.


I know this feature but I understand the requester that he wants it done automatically for all fields of the columns and this would be a very annoying behaviour to my opinion.
Sometime ago I wrote about something similar in the Websource-result-window, which desturbs me all the time.
Tag-Quellen: Spaltenbreiten

I tried this [Ctrl] [Num] [+]-feature in the past but did not continue to use it because I don't know how to get the original width in an equal easy way.
It would be a great feature if you would not have to manually adjust all fields later to get your original design back again. So Mp3Tag should remeber the original design and restore it with [Ctrl] [Num] [-].
Or am I overlooking this feature and it is already there too?

Excellent! But I failed to find that shortcut in Help. It's not on Mp3tag/help/main_keyboard.html

Also, please consider adding "Resize Columns" to the View menu and to the context menu for the headers, the one that now contains only "Customize Columns". That would be great for people like me who forget keyboard shortcuts that they use only occasionally, as well as for people who simply won't use keyboard shortcuts.

Seems to me that the way to go is, as Doug suggests, to make automatic re-sizing an option on the View menu.

I only use a few tag fields to allow WMP to make a library of my mp3 files and make that accessible over WiFi to my Sony A/V receiver to display/search/play. Sixty tag fields? Wow!

No, not about 60 unique tag fields are displayed in my Mp3tag listview, but 60 columns have been defined to display the tag data and the technical data, I am interested in.


Florian, after using Ctrl++ for a few days I have found an annoyance:

If the widest entry in a column holds less than nine characters and the sort arrow is visible, then Ctrl++ may shrink that column to the point where the header text disappears. If there are less than five characters in a column without the sort arrow, then the header text will be either hidden or severely truncated. Please see the attached screen shots.

For me this means that I always lose the track and year headers after using Ctrl++. It takes nine characters in those fields to retain the header text when the sort arrow is present.

The problem is not affected by font size, at least not on Windows 7. I use the Windows "Message Box" item (part of the Windows Classic theme) to control the font face and size in Mp3tag columns. I normally use the Segoe UI font set at 11 points. As a test, I reduced the size to 9 points, but there was no change to header text visibility after Ctrl++.

Even when a column is entirely empty, I would prefer that Ctrl++ keep column widths no less than the width of the header text plus the sort arrow. This would be a valuable improvement over the current behavior.

Some kind of "reset columns" would be really great. This could be the size of the column header or some size in pixels, set in the configuration per column.

I just pressed CTRL+NUM+ and now my Lyrics column is huuuuge - I need several screens side-by-side to see the end of the text and the next columns :wink:

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Adding a follow up question to this thread. CTRL + NUM+ works fine as it auto adjusts width after content. But when a field is empty it narrows down to a minimal width where only the first letter of the column header is visible. Could that be adjustet so at least the full column name is visible even if column is empty for all files?

Just my two cents. Contracting a field to fit the largest data in any record is always welcome. Expanding a field can leave one with a lot of work contracting fields back down to fit a screen.