Automatic filename for artwork -> "Save to file"

I kind of remember that the windows version saved files as "[Artist] - [Album title].jpg" when using "Save to file..." from the albumart context menu. The macOS version currently always defaults to "folder.jpg".

Would be awesome if users could even choose the automatic naming scheme themselves (similar to the audio file naming patterns).

In the WIndows version you can set the format string for the exported image in Tools>Options>Tag-Sources.
See if there is a similar option in the Mac version.

It's not. And to be honest, that is IMHO the absolutely wrong place to put it from a UX perspective. Under "Tag sources" I'm expecting all the data sources where I can get tag data from, not a setting how I use this data to process a file. But maybe that's only me... :grinning:

Yes, users always need some time to learn that this setting also is relevant for the cover-naming from the context-menue.
It is relevant in tag-sources (Utils-button) if you enable that the cover shall be saved as a file.

Ah, I get it. Tricky UI dilemna incoming: Do I introduce two different settings for basically the same thing and also have to find a proper location in the app for both of them - or do I only provide a single setting and have to live with the fact that a part of the users won't find it there according to their mental model? Difficult.
Nevertheless, it's currently not yet possible in the macOS version, regardless of the location question. :slightly_smiling_face: