Automatically apply Tag Source to each of multiple folders


I'm new to this, but I've got a pretty well organized audiobook library I would like to include into Pley, unfortunately I was not as well organized with the tagging. I'm listening to Perry Rhodan Neo a lot, so all the folders of the Series are name "Perry Rhodan Neo xxx ...." whereas x is the number of the episode and ... is the name of the eposiode (or other stuff).
But I've got quite some of these audiobooks so I was wondering if it is possible to make the script to use the first part of the Foldername (Perry Rhodan Neo xxx) to find the book and jump to the next folder automatically.

So if anyone could guide me into the correct direction, that I do not have to include one book, get the tags, save, remove, include new book, get the tags etc...for over 200 times. :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance

Hi and welcome!

It's unfortunately not possible and you'd have to apply it sequentially on each of your folders.

However, you could import the folder name in the field the Audible tag source is using as search criteria, so that you don't have to enter that manually. It's still some work to do, though :sweat_smile:

I have an additional src file that uses the filename as the source instead of Author/Title by Filename.src

Unfortunately though each book has to be run through individually. 200 isn't that bad, would only take a couple hrs, and will be mostly automatic with limited manual input.

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Wo you guys are quick, thank you for your replies! How can I select the Foldername as Input? I checket the folder (and Filename script) and saw, that the filename one uses "_FILENAME" as input, so naturally I tryied "_FOLDERNAME" which didn't work out, so I was wondering what I've got to put in here.
Unfortunately the Filenames are sometimes Track01 etc... Yeah, I know (now), I learned my lesson to tag my stuff correctly... :slight_smile:

@seanap, thank you for your answer and for your great tutorial on github, I'm following it religiously. :rofl: However I might send some bug reports, I'm facing issues with quite some books from Perry Rhodan Neo, the 01.mta script doesn't work for some books I will research a bit more to make sure I'm not doing something wrong.

Have a look at the help:

Thank you, I didn't find that before!

Glad it's helped. It looks like the src script isn't pulling in the series number for that series. So watch out for that, you will have to set the series# in the "Content Group", "Albumsort", "Series-Part", and "Movement".

Audible normally formats the series on their website like "Mistborn, Book 1", but for your series it just says "Perry Rhodan NEO 1-50".

The mta just organizes based on tags so if that's not working then you don't have all the right tags set. Make sure you have the track#'s set. Other than the series# everything works for me with that series.

I saw that earlier, it adds the book number as a subtitle. But this is not a problem to me, however Perry Rhodan Neo 90 doesn't get tagget correctly (which I need to investigate further).
The main issue right now is the Audiobook plugin from Plex which doesn't accept, that I'm not interrested in the Book title, but in the Subtitle. So I want to see for Example "Perry Rhodan Neo 1" not "Mission Stardust". But this is a question for a different developer. :slight_smile:

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