Automatically search album by artist and title


The majority of my MP3's do NOT have album information, that's the information I need to find, using the artist and song title. None of the searches will do it, and I can't access the search configurations to force them to search by title and artist. I'm about to dump MP3Tag if I don't find a workaround.

That is your decision.
Perhaps you use another information source like discogs or beatport - for these sources there are scripts to find something by artist and title.
Whether you will get the correct information then is still a question as it is not clear whether you have the original version, the radio or video edit, the live version, the one for greatest hits or on the best music sampler, the re-issue, the maxi version and so on.
Only in the context of an album a track becomes identifiable.

It's a simple task. Given the artist and title, show all albums or EPs or compilations that contain that song. Allow the user to choose.

A really sophisticated program could use the audio content to match a recording and then show all occurrences, without even asking me for the artist or title.

MP3Tag is not alone in its inferiority - none of the programs I've tested can perform this simple task except MetaTogger, and it can't write the information it has found back to the file's tags, because it has a bug.

Where would I find these scripts, and how do I incorporate them into the program? Even though this should be core functionality, given the low quality of all the competitors, I'll certainly consider attempting to augment MP3Tag....

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Mp3tag cannot find this information automatically. You'd use one of the #development:web-sources-scripts to find the album for each individual track.

If you're looking for an automatic solution, you can try MusicBrainz Picard. It uses audio-fingerprinting to identify tracks and also supports writing the data it identified back to the files.

Thanks for the maintenance.

Just tried MusicTag, it was better than the others (including MP3Tag) at finding albums, especially when the song occurs only in compilation albums. But because it's in demo mode, it won't save the info to the tags. Also, formatting options for renaming files from tags were very limited.

Also just tried MusicBrainz Picard. The interface is so weird I couldn't get it to do anything useful. It has a right click lookup, which looks like it might be finding the album, but then the song disappears from the list and I can't find it, or find the function to update the tags, or find the function to update the file name.

Looks like mp3tag used to have a much more complete source of information, but it was blocked by the provider and the script for it is gone (won't mention who the provider was or what the one line fix in ver. 2.69 is). Sure wish I could find a copy of that wss somewhere....

Update: downloaded about half a dozen of your WSS files. None of them yet seem to search by artist/title for album....I see you have a beta with some new capabilities, does it have the search?

I would not trust any automatic service. Every song can be released on multiple albums, versions of the same album and compilation albums; thus sound differently ergo be a different recording or even song

Over the years I either acquired for the second time the songs without album names bu this time from whole albums [thus knowing the source thus album's name ] or got rid of them. It has been a long time process and is still far for completion

AcoustID should fix that, down to being able to tell a remaster from an original. Otherwise, if it comes up with multiple albums, show them all to me and I'll pick the earliest US release that applies. This excuse that a song occurs multiple times? That dog won't hunt. MetaTogger can do it, and so can MusicTag, so MP3Tag should be able to do it too.