!Bad ID3V2 on only one of a two disc album?

First time MP3Tag user here. Seems very flaky. In processing many 2 CD albums MP3Tag will work on one CD but not the other, responding: !Bad ID3V2. Both CDs were downloaded to my PC the same way. Processing the discs in order, sometimes it is Disc 1 reported bad, sometimes Disc 2. On some CDs the first few music files will display properly but halfway through the remaining cuts are shown as bad. On rare occasions I can go back to a previously reported bad disc and have it process OK. I tried changing to the 64 bit version of MP3Tag but experience the same issues. Any ideas?

It looks like the software you’re using to process the CDs creates ID3v2 tags in a way other than what Mp3tag expects.

Can you check the relevant files for errors and let me know what software created/modified the files before Mp3tag reports the problem?

Thanks for responding! I recently re-ripped my CDs using iTunes at a bit rate of 320kbps. They all play OK. I then ran them through MP3Gain and then edited all of the filenames to remove the leading cut numbers in the tune titles. About 2/3 of the music files are from CD; the other 1/3 were purchased from Amazon. Not sure whether it is just the iTunes coded files or not. Working through the "Compilations" folder first where the majority of the artist names are missing. I just went back to the folder containing the recoded music files before MP3Gain and file renaming and found things work the same there on a limited sample: Always disc 1 works; Always disc 2 caused the !Bad ID3V2 message.

I am working through 400+ folders of music with MP3Tag and keeping track of which folders work and which don't. I don't see any trends like early music being most problematic: Bob Seger works, Bob Dylan doesn't. I'll try MP3 Diags. Thanks! OldJohn