Bad letters in the tags

Howto get rid of it? Problem is on the pic. Correct look is marked. Strange is that there are more forms of bad chars in the names, as you can see.
I have tried to set options - mpeg to both unicode16 and iso1. Nothing helped. For example media player from windows shows letters with cut diacritic, where cannot display properly (which is also bad in fact).

Does MP3tag show the characters correctly?

Did you save the tags again after you have changed the options in MP3tag?
Did you update the player's cache/database?

Is this a player on android?
If so, look for a different player.

Yes, MP3tag shows it correctly.
Yes, I have saved it. Its Samsung music player, I did not update its cache/db (idk how).

I don't know either.
But it could be worth a try to rename one of the files with a modified character set a little (like an added underscore at the end of the filename) to force the player to re-read the file.
And then see what helps.

I just have deleted the app cache from the settings-app menu. Nothing has improved.
I have tried to rename the ID3 to something different already. The music player updates this changes instantly. Also I have tried to rename a file. No improvement.

Just for test purposes:
you could add a column with the value %_id3v2_character_encoding% and see whether the encoding in MP3tag is that what you want it to be.
Once you have checked that you get all the variants, then see what your player needs.
And if that player still cannot cope with the characters, then there is no real other alternative than to use a different player.

It was showing correct encoding (based on mpeg option set).
Different player would not be a solution, as even win MP just converts incompatible chars. but yes, no way... I can also rename those tags to iso1.
Thank you :slight_smile:

I would make a test row of the same file
and save the tags with

  • ID3V2.3 UTF-16
  • ID3V2.3 ISO-8859-1
  • ID3V2.4 UTF-8

and then see which of the files is displayed correctly.

Also, I would use only ID3V2 tags and no V1 or APE tags.
If you have those in the files, it may also be worthwhile to see what it looks like if you delete these tag versions.

ISO1 setting in mpeg works, means problematic letters with ˇ are removed. I did not noticed before. I lose some, but better than chinese chars :slight_smile:

... which indicates that the player's implementation is not really up to the mark and has the level found almost 20 years ago.
There is a mobile version of Foobar2000 - that has better tag support.

windows MP has the similar lvl

Lots of choices for media players that are typically better than the ones provided by the manufacturer.

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I cannot confirm the missing display in WMP:
which is a dump from the Windows Media Player under W10.
The name spells: George Pallikaris | Γεώργιος Παλλικάρης

And this is what looks like in Windws Explorer properties:
which looks OK to me.