Batch add/change cover to mp3

Is it possible to add or change cover for multiple files, without changing ID3 tag?

With some options, like:

  • add cover if missing only
  • always replace cover

Conditions, like:

  • prefer single covers (exclude names like album, best of, greatest, hits)
  • prefer album covers (use album name)

Perhaps also more conditions for image size, dimensions...

See the filter with %_covers% MISSING

See the action "Import cover from file".

MP3tag searches covers with web source scripts on album base for one album.
For other functions see other programs like albumartdownloader

Hm.. OK, thanks, but if MP3TAG can download and add cover, why I have to use another program, just some option or additional condition could be added.

I don't think that the "why" question will lead us any further at this point.
That is the way it is currently implemented.

I don't think "use another program" is a solution either.

It is a suggestion, it's not a completely new feature request, just an improvement to existing feature.

Your idea is not new, see e.g. this thread from 2010:

and it has not yet been implemented.
So for the time being you have to use the third party program for the missing functions.