Batch adding of Album Covers

First of all thank you for this great program. I was looking for its features in many different programs but mp3tag has them all! :w00t:

However I have 3 questions:

  1. I want to select multiple songs from different albums and have their covers fetched from amazon and added to the tags. Of course there should be a verification for each album.
    Is it possible or do I have to manually select the songs from each different album?

2)Is the same thing possible but for extracting the covers for each album from the tags and placing it inside the album folder?

3)Is it possible to simultaneusly add the cover from amazon to the tags and save it an image?

Thanks in advance everybody!


  1. no, not possible - several posts in the forum exactly around this problem
  2. yes: create an action of the type Export album art.
  3. as 1) is not possible this is not possible as well as one step is missing.

thankyou very much!