Batch convert lyrics to utf-8 encoding

Hello everybody :slight_smile:
I noticed that many lyrics in my flacs have display problems that I have to solve by hand by converting them to utf-8 encoding with Notepad2. Is there a way to do this automatically for the millions of songs I have? Thank you :slight_smile:

AFAIK FLAC is always encoded UTF-8.
So either you save the tags.
Or, but I don't know if that works, there is an action to convert the codepage to UTF-8

but I don't know whether that also works for FLAC files.

thanks but I speak about the lirycs, not the tag

Oh, I thought you used a tagging program to manipulate the tag LYRICS.
... which you could still do with the action "Import data from file" and import the whole file with the lyrics into a tag field.

Are you looking for a tool like iconv?

I use a program named MediaHuman Lyrics Finder, it works fine but some lyrics have small squares instead of accented letters and I have to modify them manually. I am looking for a way to convert all the lyrics in utf-8 encoding format :slight_smile:

That looks to me like the program does not work fine at all. Either it uses the wrong encoding or it addresses pages that do not encode their text correctly.

I also still wonder where you see MP3tag's role in this?
I mean: there are Web Source Scripts for lyrics but apparently you don't use them. So?

I don't understand your answer which seems unnecessarily polemical to me. If you tell me which program to use to download the lyrics, I'm ready to change. I use MediaHuman Lyrics Finder because that's what gives me the most results, if you have something better to recommend I am ready to change

I still don't see why you ask for support in the MP3tag forum if it is the lyrics search program that produces unsatisfactory results.
Also, I don't understand what MP3tag should do about the lyrics which are, as I understand it, stored in external files.
So if you could clarify where you see that MP3tag could help you.
As I said: there are functions to import data from files into tag fields.
There are web source scripts that search web pages for lyrics.
There are functions to manipulate the field contents.
How does this fit your current approach?

the lyrics are in the flac. I know that MP3tag has a lot of functions and I was hoping it also had to "clean up" the lyrics of the songs. In any case, no one forces you to answer me

I tried to point you to the function "Convert codepage" and asked you whether that would help you.
Your answer was

Which is different from

As you do not supply a file or a screendump you have to give much more details about your problems.
Or, on a more general level, here is what would make up a nice support request:

As you mention a third party program which apparently does not produce the output that you expect, I would also contact the support of that program and see what they can do.
Once an invalid format has been created, it becomes very tricky to remove the faults.

actually I have already written to them but it is a free and little known program and I do not think they do assistance (they did not answer me), so I was asking you :slight_smile:

As @ohrenkino has already suggested, perhaps you need to consider an alternate (read: better) source for your lyrics. If the app is not able to fetch proper results and the creator doesn’t respond to support requests, I would think this is a dead end for you. There are plenty of other resources out there, including those that are available through existing mp3tag web sources.

Sorry if my answers are not clear but I speak bad English. However the program is MediaHuman Lyrics Finder and if you try to download the lyrics of some Italian song you will notice the problem. Or I'll text you or I'll send you a screenshot of the problem.
If you know other valid programs you can recommend them to me in private message, I have tried some but, to find Italian texts, this is the best I have found

I completely understand the issue you are having. But trying to fix lyrics with character and encoding issues after they have been downloaded is the problem. This is not a function of mp3tag to fix, the assumption is your source is already what you expect.

I understand ... mp3tag is a fantastic program and I hoped it could do that too. Thank you all for your help and patience :slight_smile:

This is another attempt to suggest the web sources scripts that are available in/for MP3tag to download lyrics.

I wonder why you never reacted to this.
see e.g. here:

If you ask for other programs outside MP3tag: there is e.g. Foobar2000 which also has a number of add-ons to look for lyrics.
But as most lyrics pages are user-driven, there is no guarantee that the result will be any better. It's the source.

I tried the one of foobar2000 but I find very few songs in Italian. In reality, the problem is that by now I have downloaded 1 million songs in Italian :slight_smile: and, to use the script that you indicate to me, I would have to delete all the lyrics that I found and then use it and maybe find that it does not find anything or little in Italian . This is why I was wondering if Mp3tag has any function to correct the lyrics :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure that there are ways to use functions in MP3tag that in the end lead to corrections in lyrics.
One suggestion has been a couple of times, to try the action to convert the code page.
Then there are actions to search and replace.
And there are web source scripts.

Wnat Mp3tag cannot do is "guess" what the correct text might have been.

And even though this is not the Foobar support forum: the lyrics plugins that I have used (2 of them) have settings in which you can define the order where the plugins should look - so it does not necessarily mean that you have to delete the lyrics.
In those plugins you can also set the data sources - which are, as I said earlier, user-driven, so if they access the same pages as your program did, then the quality will not be different.

I installed Lyric show panel 3 on Foobar2000 and when it finds a flac that already has the lyrics of the song, it doesn't overwrite it with the one it finds. But I'm clumsy, surely there are options to do it.
When I see that a song has the wrong lyrics, I copy it in notepa2 and save it in UTF-8 with signature and the program makes the right corrections so I think it is possible for a script to understand if the error is generated by a "è "or an "à"or other.
But I understand that it is complicated. I was hoping someone else had already had my problems and a script already existed. In the end the text is understandable all the same and I will keep them like this, I don't want to go crazy (and drive you crazy to help me). Thanks for the help :slight_smile: