batch operation

Hello -- I would like to update around 70 cd with cover art -- Is there a way that I can
run mp3tag from the command line with the folder and the jpg to use to update all the
files in that folder?

the 70+ cd contain contain over 700 tracks



There are no command line options in Mp3Tag for this purpose.
But MP3Tag is made to do mass-treatments like this with actions from the GUI.
For your purpose there exists an action type "Import cover from file".

What you have to do to use it depends on your folder structure and the names of the cover-files.

Thanks for the info

Hello -- I looked at this and it seems to work for each cd -- so I can fetch the cover on a per
cd -- but like I said, I have 70 of it there a way to create a loop so tht cd 1 get cover 1 -- etc up tp cd 70 gets cover 70 ?

This works for all CDs under certain circumstances.
How is your folder structure?
Do the cover-files lie in a folder with the music-files?
Do the names of the cover-files have a certain naming pattern, depending on tags?

Preferably you give an example.

Hello – Thanks for your help –

the mp3 are in a parent folder say named


the subfolders are in the form

music n

where n is 1 to 70 – each music folder contains the mp3 files – and
the number of mp3 vary from folder to folder

the covers are in a folder called “covers” and jpg’s are
numbered 1 to 70

I can rename the files to anything that makes this process simpler, or I
can write my own scripts to copy the covers in the music folders

thanks again


If you move the covers to the corresponding music folders, you can use the

Format string: *.jpg

for the filename to embed the first jpg file from the folder.

So I understand you right that i.e. you want all mp3-files in the folder "music 1" to have the file 1.jpg in the folder "covers" embedded?

This should work:
Your Cover folder i.e. is d:\covers

Load all mp3-files from the mp3-folder including the subfolders to Mp3Tag.
Mark all files and define an action.

Action-type: Import Cover from file
Format string for image filename:

Hello -- thanks for this info -- worked like a champ !!