Bulk Process covers for many different artists and titles


I'm new to the community. I have about 6,000 files that I want to bulk add cover art to. Most files are correctly named with the artists' name and title of the song artist - song. I'm fine with some files being incorrect.

Most of all, I wish to add album art, which would require each song be checked through the database. Is there a way to do this? Thank you!

from a purist's point of view this goes only half the way. You would also need the album name to identify the real cover. Do you have the single, ep, original album, greatest hits, best of, a sampler ..?

Anyway. MP3tag and the web source scripts rely on the album data and if that is not present, you would have to treat each file individually.

There are third party programs that might give you results with a workflow that you prefer, e.g. see here:

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