How to use AlbumArtDownloader in Tools for Cover Art


AlbumArtDownloader is arguably one of the best free album cover art downloaders around. It effortlessly searches a large number of cover art sources with standalone scripts that are constantly updated. And it presents all the found art with previews, sizes, etc.

  1. Download and install AlbumArtDownloader from SourceForge:

  2. In MP3TAG, click on Tools and select Options... (Ctrl-O shortcut)

  3. In the Mp3tag Options window, select Tools on the left side, and click on the icon on the right with a yellow star to enter a new command:

  4. In the Customize Tool window, enter the following values:
    Name: Covers - AlbumArt Downloader
    Path--the default is shown. If you installed elsewhere, change accordingly: C:\Program Files\AlbumArtDownloader\AlbumArt.exe
    Parameter: /ar "%artist%" /al "%album%" /p "%_folderpath%folder.jpg" /t f /mn 500 /mx 3000 /o a- /ac

Here's what the window looks like fully filled out:

  1. Click OK to save and exit the Tools windows.

  2. Now to download and automatically save the chosen artwork, simply right-click any track, select Tools, Covers - AlbumArt Downloader

  3. In the Album Art Downloader window, simply click on the disc icon to save the selected file as "folder.jpg" to the directory of the track you right-clicked on. The Album Art Downloader window will close automatically.

Getting Album-Covers by other Plugins?

Thank you very much for your valuable post. It works a charm.

Could you, please, post your settings for the Google Album Art search too?


This is brilliant! Thank you for your work and sharing this. Now I don't have to rely on extractors frommy sources.


Am I doing something wrong? Here is what I did I followed your steps and have found (2) cover art so far. And both are being named folder so I have a folder and a folder 2. Now how do I add the images to the mp3tag program. Where are the images at now.

This is what I understand about the program.

  1. You open up mp3tag and right click to scan each file for a album art. And then the Album Art Downloader finds and downloads the image for you and names then folder. And then you need to find each of the images and place them on the mp3 files. Is this correct.

Or am I mistaken in how I'm doing this. Is the mp3tag program meant to add the image or am I to add the images to the files. Still new to this please help.


Actually, all you have to do is highlight all the files that will share the same image, then follow the directions to open AlbumArtDownloader, then right click in AAD the image you would like to use, select copy, now close AAD and return to MP3Tag, right click in the image area and select paste. Now hit save to make sure the new cover is saved to all your selected files.

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