Bulk remove cover description

I have more than 500 cover descriptions to be removed.
Is there a way to remove them not one by one ?

Thank you for the help

Here is some info that should help.

Thanks for the link.
I could solve it with a work around. Instead of entering a text I just press the space bar.
It got it as a character.

I don't understand why you enter a space. So you won't delete the cover-description but instead set a new cover-description containing a white space that you only cannot see.

Mark several files, right click on the cover and select "Set cover description", delete the shown content, press o.k. and save.
You can also do it with an action of the type "Set cover properties".

because it doesn't work. If you make a multiple selection the shown field is empty and you can not delete something empty.

I can partially reproduce the behaviour.

If you select two or more different files with different cover descriptions you can right click on the empty cover placeholder (usually in the lower left corner of Mp3tag).
(Or you can press the menu Edit -> Cover -> Set cover description.)

In the context menu press
Set cover description
Then enter some random text like
into the description text box.
Then - this is crucial - delete this blabla immediately to get an empty description field.
Then press the OK-Button.
The descriptions are gone for all selected files.

... and different covers. Files with the same cover will show the cover-description of the first marked file.

You are right.

It is not enough to just press OK on the cover description box.
You have to actively delete its content first.
This is true even if you can't see any text in the text box.

That's even better than my solution. No empty space in the description. :smiley:

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