Can't remove cover descriptions

It is not possible to remove the cover description from multiple files. Setting the description works fine.
Steps to reproduce:
Select multiple files, "Cover varies" is shown next to the cover. Choose "Set cover description" --> The field is empty, pressing OK and Save does not save an empty description. Entering a text will save this to all covers.
There also seams no variable like %_coversdescription% to do this via script.

There has been a similar observation in 2017:

never got an answer, though.

This should be fixed now with Mp3tag v2.98a. Thanks for reporting (again) and your patience.

Yes, it is now possible to remove the cover description from a number of files in one go .... but:
If a set of files gets loaded with a mixture of different or no descriptions, the display in the tag panel shows only the description property of the first selected file.
If there is no description, no text will appear, so that it seems as though there are no descriptions.
If there are different descriptions, then only the first is displayed, one does not get the hint that there are different ones. This means: you have to check all individual files one by one and see if the description is different or not.
The difference in description can also mean that you have files with and without description but if the first selected files has one, it looks as though all further files also have one.
IMHO I think that this is not the optimum implementation yet. I would like to see a similar behaviour like in other fields with a combo box and "keep", "delete" and so on.


It's great to see this working now. Here are some comments:

It's only possible to set/remove Cover fields for a set of equal entries. In previous version you also could set proporties (like the description) for entries that where not equal.

I've just tried to reproduce this without success:

  1. Select two files where file 1 has a different cover than file 2. The label next to the cover window shows "Cover varies".
  2. Right click on the cover window and choose "Set description", enter an arbitrary description
  3. Save tags

The observed result is that the cover description is saved to both files.

I can confirm that

But I can also confirm that my observations from

(also) still apply.

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I was now able to reproduce it and fixed the issue with Mp3tag v3.14a.

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