Button to import cuesheet file in CUESHEET tag field

When i use eac, and generate a flac file in one output file, a cuesheet file is also generated.
But they are two problems with the default configuration :

  • first, the tag TITLE et TRACKNUMBER are filled only with the second track title, and nothing else. We have to suppress the tags TITLE and TRACKNUMBER
  • no possibility to integrate the cuesheet file into the --cuesheet tag in the flac file

So, i use mp3tag to fill the CUESHEET tag field ; I open the .cue file into notepad and then past the content into the field. Works.

But could be faster to import cue file into CUESHEET field in one step. I've tried "import from text file into tag" but not works with cue file, takes the first line only. Maybe i'm wrong with somethiing.


If the problem is to import a file with line breaks, then see this thread:

You can import the cuesheet via an action "Import text file". See Import Text File – Mp3tag Documentation for details.