Calculate MP3 Length


Is it possible for MP3Tag to calculate the length of selected mp3's and update the LENGTH field in the tag via an action (or a batch mode)

Reason for this question is that the XBox 360 only displays the duration of a mp3 when the LENGTH tag is present.


Yes, it is possible.
If you speak about duration in seconds, then you can use the %_length_seconds% system variable, which contains the length of the music part of a file in seconds.
This length is a value rounded to seconds, not an accurate value of samples or fractions of a second.
Create an action "Format value" for the tag field LENGTH and use %_length_seconds% as format string.
Run this action against each file you want.


Thanks for the prompt reply, this solution works great. :sunglasses:

Note that LENGTH fields holds milliseconds so I had to multiply %_length_seconds% by 1000.


Ok, well done.

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