Can I do silent/unattended uninstall of Mp3tag?

Like in title, I want to be able to do silent/unattended uninstall of Mp3tag, but using /S flag isn't enough - I still get the window where I have to answer if I want to delete all files in %AppData%\Mp3tag

It's not possible at the moment to suppress this message. Would you expect a default to "Yes" or "No", i.e., the configuration data removed silently or to be kept?

I would expect uninstaller to keep configuration data by default, but if there is a way to have some switch additional parameter in commandline or inf file with such parameter like for installation, that would probably be even better. But if it's not possible, I think that leaving configuration data untouched would be enough for most users.

Okay, thanks for the feedback! Out of curiosity, can you share any details on why you need that silent uninstall?

Chocolatey package, these packages should be installed/uninstalled silently. Currently it isn't uninstalled silently, so I thought I ask if that's possible, so I could make a fix.


But I assume that if you asked me for some feedback, you probably have plans to add it at some point?

I'll have a look at it and keep you posted.

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Silent uninstalls via /S command line switch are now supported with Mp3tag v2.91h.

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